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Well, That’s A Deep Subject

As I read the scriptures I try to imagine what it was like in Bible days.  In today’s modern world there are definitely manners, customs and even surroundings that is hard for us to fully grasp.

Think for a moment about the setting of Paul witnessing in the market.  Is that the same as in line to pay at the grocery store and talking to the cashier about your church?  Not hardly.  Or, the common need to wash ones feet after a bit of walking.  I am pretty sure concrete, cars, and enclosed shoes have pretty much eliminated the dusty feet problem for most in America.  Or what about drawing water from a well?  Certainly the piped in water of modern homes and buildings make this hard to imagine.  Yet, the picture becomes clearer after living in a third world country (even if only for a few months) where modern conveniences are not the norm everywhere you go.

2013-04-18 15.16.09

I took this picture near one of the churches here in Metro Manila.  This is a community well where many families draw water for drinking, cooking and washing.  Try to imagine Jesus sitting there on the edge of the well talking to a lady who had just pulled the rope attached to the, now full, pail of water.  She’s there at this hour because she really doesn’t want to engage in conversation with the other people that also come to draw water.  Normally, her plan works but not this time.  Jesus came to this well, at this time, on purpose.

I don’t really know what the well in Samaria looked like and I doubt there was concrete everywhere as in this picture. However, after watching the people that come and draw water from this well, I have a much better picture in my mind of the setting where the awesome story of grace unfolded for the woman to who Jesus told all she ever did.

I just hope I don’t have to experience singing in a Philippine jail.  Oh, wait, that was a Philippian jail.  Ok, whew…

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Filling In the Gaps While Teaching the Piano

When I was 8 years old I started learning the piano from Brother Doug Howard of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It went well for a while, but at some point like a lot of people, I lost interest.  I’m not sure if I lost motivation, or just didn’t have the discipline to pursue it at that age. Whatever the reason, I now regret not continuing to build a good foundation of music theory at an early age.

Teaching Piano

My last year of High School I starting playing again.  This time, I learned on my own.  Oh, I had several people around me that would teach me different things along the way.  People like my mom, “Grandma” Marie, and even my friend Brandon Morrell.  But I didn’t have formal piano lessons.  But, I learned to play and have grown to really enjoy the piano.  Even as I try my hand at other instruments, I definitely enjoy sitting down at the piano the most.

The problem has been, there are major gaps in my understanding of some basic music theory.  These gaps have severely limited me in my development.  The novelty of all of this is I am now teaching piano to four young people here in the Philippines.  Yes, teaching… 🙂  I am developing my own material along the way (with the help of my wife, Brandon Morrell, and Sis. Doretha Jones).

I am trying to make it simple while yet covering the basics thoroughly.  This process has taught me so much.  In a sense, I am filling in the gaps as I go.  I find the process challenging and refreshing.  I absolutely LOVE teaching and helping people learn difficult things that have different learning styles.  I look forward to giving them an opportunity to build a solid foundation of learning so they can become as proficient as they want to be.

What tips do you have to a beginning piano teacher?

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Stirring Up Good Memories

May 8, 2010, a few months after our son Carter was born, we had him dedicated by Pastor Gary L. Howard.  For the dedication service I wrote a song which will be on my new album “Worth It All” (coming out soon!).  When looking for the lyrics to prepare them for copyrighting, I found this poem that I wrote during the same time.  I printed this as a bookmark and gave it to some family members at the dedication.  Today, I stirred up some very good memories. My little boy is now three and my, how time really does fly when you are having fun.

carter dedication poem

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The Reason We Like McDonalds

The reason we like McDonalds is not because of their mouthwatering (when they are hot and fresh), world famous french fries.  It is not because of their awesome dollar menu (which they do not even have here in the Philippines – I’ll give you one guess as to why?).  But it is simply because it is familiar.


Yes, we recognize the golden arches and we know that when we order a McDouble (without lettuce) that it will have the same great taste as it did back on the home front.  This, my friend, becomes extremely important when everything around you is unfamiliar.

There is no way I can do justice to our life story as it has unfolded over the past seven months since I last blogged about our journey.  My head is still spinning at the way things fell into place for my family.  God is faithful.  God provides.  God protects.  We are learning how to rely on Him and not lean to our own understanding.  Not only is this the right thing to do, but it is the obvious choice when your surroundings are completely unfamiliar.  Talk about being out of your comfort zone!

But through this transitional phase of building a new life in a different land, God has been faithful.  The confirmation He has given along the way, His presence that we feel when we pray, and the comfort He provides each day; all help us to know that regardless the situation, God will make a way (hmm…that may be a song in the making).  God will NEVER leave us and that fact alone is far more comforting than seeing the golden arches through the front windshield.

P.S.  My wife told me to speak for myself on the liking McDonalds part. 🙂  Perhaps Starbucks would have been a better choice.  But they for SURE do not have a dollar menu…

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The End, and the Beginning

The end began June 22nd, my last official day of work for my friend Brandon Morrell and his company Ultimate Connect Solutions.  The following week was our Annual Youth Camp.  This was my last hoorah as Youth Minister for The Lighthouse Church, Tulsa OK – Pastor Gary L. Howard.  We had a tremendous camp.  Bro. Brian Jones preached and it was a very memorable time as we had around 5 get the Holy Ghost!  It’s not even been two months yet  but already we miss YFT very much.  We are VERY excited about Bro. and Sis. Rodgers and their capable leadership. We look to hear great reports in the coming months.

The reason for this “ending” started December 5, 2010.  I wept in front of the platform in response to a very stirring message by my Pastor entitled “Christianity Without a Cross” subtitled “Where’s the Sacrifice”.  God dealt with me very strongly about the Philippines.  It was a bit overwhelming, to be honest.  How, exactly, do you tell your wife you feel called to a foreign country?  It wasn’t until the next day I found out my wife experienced the same call of God and was waiting on me to bring it up!  Wow, God is good!

We spent a few days praying about it before I contacted Pastor Howard.  He told me he had been expecting my call but listened while I stuttered and sniffled out my story.  Finally, I concluded by telling him something like “you may think I’m crazy, but that’s what I feel”.  He responded by informing me he had already called Elder E.W. Wheeler and Bishop Tom Johnson and let them know God called us.  I was again very overwhelmed at the confirmation for what God had put in my heart.

Since that time we have worked to get our financial and personal business in shape.  My family and I spent an entire month there earlier this year.  We have now been traveling to different churches raising awareness about our mission for a little more than a month now.  We are thankful for the open doors and appreciate God’s guidance through this process.  God has definitely taken care of us each step of the way.  From numerous small financial blessings to My brother-in-law feeling impressed to loan us a car.  God is faithful!

Our intent is to be on location by the first of the year.  We are excited to be in the will of God and we are ready to do a work for His kingdom in the Philippine islands.

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I Love My Family

A man’s family is his greatest earthly asset.  I have without doubt been blessed beyond measure.  I first met my wife in July of 2001 (you can catch a glimpse of our amazing story here) at Heritage Youth Conference in Colorado Springs, CO.  We have many wonderful and precious memories from our courting years and into our marriage. February 2, 2010 our family begin to grow as we were blessed by God with a little boy, Carter Daniel Short.   Not too far behind came sweet little Avalynn Mariah.  They both have great dispositions and are a pleasure to raise.  Yet, no one should be surprised as they absolutely have the best mom in the world.  She is not only committed to being everything they need her to be, but she is also a sweet and loving wife.  Frankly, I would be lost without my family.

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How many would agree that good manners are important?

Good.  Me too.



If you leave the CAPS LOCK button on when you write, then this post is for you.  Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who did not just talk, they shouted?  You wanted to say, look mister, I’m RIGHT HERE!  No need to shout!

Essentially, when you use all caps you are shouting at the reader.  Similarly, when you use no caps you appear to be mumbling (though mumbling is preferred over all caps).

In short, there is a very good reason for the difference between the caps…

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How To Get Where You Are Going

I spent over 5 years in the temporary staffing industry. It seemed I was constantly giving directions to people. I can’t begin to count the times I received a call and someone was lost, needing directions. I quickly learned that before you can give directions, you must first find out exactly where they are. So, I would usually ask questions like, “what are you looking at?” or, “can you see a street sign?”. Until I knew where they were, it was impossible to help them get where they were trying to go.

Which way from here?

Before you can grow in God, you must first recognize where you are. You must be honest with yourself and with God. You must identify your shortcomings and weaknesses. This is done by looking into the mirror of God’s Word, and by the “foolishness” of preaching. Only then can you begin to head in the right direction.

Elder D.C. Moody once said, “If you cannot recognize your weakness, you’ll never be strong. If you cannot recognize you’re wrong, you’ll never be right.”

Be honest with yourself. Your success depends on it.

Don’t avoid dealing with problems but embrace them and get some help. A life of skirting the real issues will only end in miserable frustration. Frankly, that’s no way to live.

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2011 Back To School Youth Rally

Back To School Youth Rally

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